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Appréhender des arborescences de fichiers

Grâce à la datavisualisation, visualisez vos dossiers et fichiers selon différentes pondérations et modes de classement.

Enrichir des métadonnées

Traitez en masse vos répertoires grâce aux exports de Docs (transferts, élimination, réorganisation).

Identifier des redondances

Trouvez automatiquement les redondances de vos répertoires à partir du calcul d’empreintes.

Préparer pour un archivage vers un SAE

Triez, réorganisez et enrichissez vos répertoires pour verser dans un SAE (compatible SEDA 2.1).


4.1.2 (2024-06-04)

Bug Fixes

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4.1.1 (2024-05-15)

Bug Fixes

  • add deb extension to electron build (a510810)
  • avoid crash when filesAndFolders is undefined (4fb635a)
  • change ARCHIFILTRE_CONTACT_EMAIL (b3c44f4)
  • change archive to compressed (6d7e781)
  • improve laoding message (c66fb5e)
  • improve waiting hash message (0eeb478)
  • lint (32bde1f)
  • lint (29a4fa4)
  • minor improvment (1d86a20)
  • notarize (1e46220)
  • pagination (905a919)
  • remove compressed stats in audit from auditReportTemplate.docx (c31ea85)
  • remove web & data from FileType (21753e9)
  • update fileSystemLoadingStep wording (936a5e0)
  • update github issue template (d92ace0)
  • update sentry lint (6d4c33b)
  • Z_CORRUPTED typo (f4291b7)
  • zip corrupted error (e2f342e)
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4.1.0 (2024-03-08)

Bug Fixes

  • add missing translation (488f324)
  • bad version in package.json (f9b2773)
  • dropzone loadPath optional (11ba3d8)
  • ignore __MACOSX file (79d4bf6)
  • improve header button (d3900de)
  • lint (1f6882b)
  • lint (abcf5d9)
  • lint (435e340)
  • lint: simple-import-sort/imports (f41e0c8)
  • many error (b12aaec)
  • material-ui createMuiTheme rename to createTheme (0aaac73)
  • material-ui createMuiTheme rename to createTheme (7510c1f)
  • metadata translation (bb9cacb)
  • missing de translation & add verify-translation-json (e895df6)
  • missing jszip accepted by electron (b0f497b)
  • onChangePage & onChangeRowsPerPage is rename to onPageChange & onRowsPerPageChange (1eaff35)
  • remove "Metadonnée Resip" column (51bb48a)
  • test: broken unit test (8d4ff89)
  • use justifyContent instead of deprecated justify (a5bd456)
  • use overlap=rectangular to avoid mui error (a4c0346)


  • add co2 to audit & improve code (778913e)
  • add getCO2ByFileSize to calculates the estimated CO2 emissions (934f293)
  • add more FileType & fileTypesByExtensions (1ebb2dd)
  • add window.reload in electron event (522fad7)
  • code improvement (d18852c)
  • code improvement (dd711bd)
  • code improvement (7a8ad74)
  • code improvement (7214ad9)
  • code improvement (5603d0f)
  • code improvement (dc1aa87)
  • display co2 for current element (dcc5725)
  • display co2 for volume (76f992f)
  • improve generateRandomString (53e8403)
  • make zip readble (313763a)
  • massive code improvement (2f86a9d)
  • move toast to bottom right (8288be4)
  • remove useless code (696af8f)
  • rewrite isInArchiveFolder to normalize path (63a404b)
  • rewrite version calculator (73b6414)
  • update bytes usage (6ad063b)
  • use drag or drop in dropZone (d8b9071)
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v4.0.0 - Triggered Tardigrade

4.0.0 (2023-07-07)

Bug Fixes

  • artifacts: add arch in win setup artifact (3d62f35)
  • artifacts: update win portable artifact name (2c9d5dd)
  • auto-update: remove auto update check in main during boot (#1430) (22824db)
  • auto-update: remove publish options in builder (bd6e491)
  • breadcrumb-tooltip: remove interpolation string (#1320) (3498b87)
  • breadcrumbs: sliced breadcrumbs fixed (#1351) (94a3100)
  • build: fix workers build (91cfa2e)
  • ci: lock node version to 14 in build (b063370)
  • ci: update ci and (no)secrets usage (2d6b702)
  • ci: update ci node version (030558a)
  • compute folder hashes in main thread (#1285) (c508199)
  • csv-exporter: add a map as cache (b157f3b)
  • deps: lock node version to 14 (4a27497)
  • deps: lock version for sass and css loaders (#1346) (72ce220)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1280) (1cee0a6)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1283) (8e898a7)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1295) (6b094dd)
  • deps: update dependency clean-webpack-plugin to v4 (#1354) (75e9c74)
  • deps: update dependency i18next to v20 (#1311) (d4ac77d)
  • deps: update dependency i18next to v21 (#1355) (44c0c48)
  • deps: update dependency jszip to v3.7.0 [security] (#1324) (4b51b1d)
  • deps: update dependency react-i18next to ^11.11.0 (#1281) (e7fd58e)
  • deps: update dependency react-icons to v4 (#1312) (a8a1a74)
  • deps: update dependency windows-1252 to ^1.1.0 (#1316) (e4f25e3)
  • deps: update dependency xlsx to ^0.17.0 [security] (#1299) (d674607)
  • deps: update dependency yargs to v17 (#1338) (e53b096)
  • display: change file count / level font size in audit tab. Fix #1397 (d45c1dd)
  • display: fix breadcrumb height. Fix #1395 (7d87344)
  • e2e: shush ubuntu as playwright deps not working for now (04821b8)
  • export: fix resip export (1a5c973)
  • exports: fix csv/excel exports by removing workers (#1464) (1dafcca)
  • fix husky not launching (#1273) (a9c982c)
  • hash compute again (#1372) (e553362)
  • hash: fix windows specific file hash with correct path (#1394) (de8cf00)
  • hash: move hash computing to main thread (#1363) (b2e1fa9)
  • i18n: use good interpolate. Fix #1396 (8e9f45d)
  • improve startup speed and exports crashing on windows (#1450) (69dddec)
  • installer id (9edd3f6)
  • lint: reenable eslint (#1368) (6579533)
  • support paths with spaces (#1358) (c4a61d8)
  • modal: increment display time (#1301) (a0855ec)
  • release: adapt windows installer for release channels (57e4e20)
  • release: change default windows install path (#1474) (bf3172f)
  • release: change installer and uninstaller ico files (44f322f)
  • release: fix asset replacer script (ee47fd1)
  • release: fix repository url (2985c19)
  • resip-test: skip test during investigation (#1496) (b00a075)
  • tags: fix tags library not being displayed (#1468) (70d7e0d)
  • tests: fix tests poorly using i18n (5eb808f)
  • to-delete: fix undo after to delete. Fix #1398 (c79c539)



  • go for v4
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3.2.2 (2021-09-22)

Bug Fixes

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3.2.1 (2021-04-19)

Bug Fixes

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3.2.0 (2021-04-14)

Bug Fixes

  • deletion-script: fix script encoding on windows (#1253) (c4b69e4)
  • fix csv export on windows (#1250) (112466e)
  • fix deletion script when there is a space in the root path (#1252) (8c474c9)
  • fix electron not launching (#1249) (4bf32c7)
  • fix windows deletion script (#1251) (d602a94)
  • background-loading-info: fix z-index (#1139) (b3ebbcd)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1142) (188b53d)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1155) (50da2cb)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1166) (b1cd7e6)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1174) (c356a70)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1207) (fae80c5)
  • deps: update all dependencies (#1216) (8f3d4fd)
  • deps: update all non-major dependencies (#1145) (5aaf0cc)
  • deps: update all non-major dependencies (#1175) (ca9c15f)
  • deps: update dependency @sentry/browser to v6 (#1239) (ca8d473)
  • husky: fix husky after dependency update (#1240) (4e1b5ff)
  • pagination: add pagination reset on new search (#1245) (2f8610a)
  • resip: fix browse all being applied on resip export (#1196) (2eabd51)
  • search: fix search modal csv export on to delete column (#1246) (6041cde)
  • search: fix search modal filter menu position (#1244) (b1302d8)
  • tracking: fix matomo tracking (#1225) (ef5ae9b)
  • add translations for loading screen error message (#1152) (fc2b412)
  • fix hash computing errors not being displayed (#1189) (0fc7336)
  • fix loading of older versions of the script file (#1124) (6c2c67b)
  • fix production bug caused by worker refactoring (#1160) (dec7842)
  • fix scroll bars on loading screen (#1128) (e256f2f)
  • invert size and last modified date on linux import script (#1186) (31a85b7)
  • remove javascript rejected promise error in console (#1161) (293d2b8)
  • stream data between child and main process to prevent memory overload(#1157) (b9e5512)
  • github: unify behaviour of release channels (003abbd)
  • run branch builds on pull requests (#1118) (1e0b306)


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v3.1.1 Queer Quetzal
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v3.1.0 Queer Quetzal
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OSX version (archifiltre.dmg) is manually built.

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